From individual exhibition stand to complete concepts, with our own production

With the right skills and with a well thought out project, we create successful events or fairs where commitment, branding and sustainable relationships with the target group are in focus. We develop new concepts from start, or implement an already completed one. With many years of experience, you are in safe hands with our experienced project managers, in-house production and logistics as well as a large network of partners who together ensure that your project is a success.

Trade Fair/Exhibition stand

Tailor-made solutions for your trade fair.

As a full-service supplier of exhibition concepts and exhibition production we understand the importance of being unique and leaving an impression. Our project leaders manage the whole process, so that you can have all your focus on participating. For many companies, trade fairs are some of the most important places to meet the market at. It is a venue where branding, products and services are the center of everyone’s attention. A successful format. Are you in need of renting an exhibition stand or do you need a whole exhibition concept, that can be scaled up or down depending of the conditions? No matter the intention or your wishes, we will help you find a solution tailor-made after your needs.

Event Production

Creates engagement and strengthens relationships.

Events are the foundation – the important venue – where connections are made and brands are strengthened. We know the importance of events that catches your audience’s attention. No matter if it is an outside event, a pop-up-activity in a retail environment, sponsoring, creating a studio or a B2B-event – we have the expertise, resources and experience needed to deliver event production of the highest quality. Do you have a ready-made concept to be produced and established? Let us create unique and creative solutions. We know what we are doing.

Containers & Mobile Solutions

Big opportunities that demand mobility.

With our help, you can create a pop-up store, a cafe, a hotel room, greenhouse, showroom or, well everything really – completely mobile. Meet your audience in new places, in unexpected environments or maybe in an self-explanatory space where external conditions and lack of mobility used to be a limitation. With mobile solutions as containers and expo-trailers, the only limitation is your fantasy. We can of course produce different sizes and variations – always tailor-made after your wishes.

Digital Solutions

Integrated digital solutions in physical environments.

Digital elements in the physical environment makes the overall experience more astonishing and outstanding – if you dare to think outside the box and push the limits. With big LED-panels and LED-walls as well as touch technology, you blur the border between physical and digital and can, with the help of mobile solutions and QR codes for example, increase your ability to communicate with the visitor. We can make the digital technology to a natural part of experiencing the physical environment. We are experts in producing complete, digital solutions for communication, interaction and activation – whatever you need. We have a broad network of chosen partners that we collaborate with to develop hardware and software for tailor-made solutions. For exhibitions, events, stores and public spaces.

Services within expo

We coordinate your project from start and development, to implementation and follow-up. We take full responsibility for every part of the project, and our experienced project managers handle planning, schedule and budget.

Idea and concept, graphic designs and layout. Creative designers visualise your ideas in close collaboration with our constructors.

Product development and product management. Constructors specialised in bringing design and function together in a mix, optimized for its purpose.

Complete graphic, plastic and wood production as well as a big network of procuding partners. Manufacturing and assembly of prototypes, small and large serial productions.

Logistics center with 4000 square meters of heated high-rise warehouse. We store and distribute exhibition and event materials, POS as well as interior design and spare parts for clients all over the world.

Establishment on exhibition sites all over the world. Everything from fair trades and event production to many stops during an event tour. We have great international experience and establish projects all over the world. Big international network.

We have everything for your exhibition and event participation. Various construction systems to solve floor, walls and hanging rigging. LED technology for great visual experiences, and of course sound, image & light. As an active partner to beMatrix we have access to a global network of partners.

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